Decisions To Make When You Order Rack Cards

1 March 2023
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Rack cards can be an effective marketing tool for virtually every type of business or organization. This term describes a printed card that you place in areas where people will notice them, such as a counter at a business or a table at a community venue. If you're interested in getting rack cards printed to help promote your business, look for a local commercial printing service that has experience with this type of print job. When you meet with your printing professional and begin to discuss some ideas, you'll need to make a number of important decisions. Here are three that are critical to think about.


A lot of companies get rack cards printed that don't have any folds. Instead, they simply consist of a rectangular piece of card stock with information printed on it. While this type can be effective, it's worthwhile to consider having one or more folds in your design. For example, a rack card that has a vertical fold allows you to position the card on a surface so that it stands up. This makes it more noticeable to people who are in the area. Some companies even order rack cards with two folds, creating an accordion-like product that is easy to spot.


You'll also want to think about whether you want your rack cards to feature a perforated section. If you have a specific promotion that you're running, it can make sense to have the bottom of the card perforated so that people can easily tear it off. You can then have your print shop design your rack card to feature a coupon below the perforation. Ideally, people will see the rack card, tear off the perforated coupon, and visit your business to redeem it for a discount.


While a stylish and colorful design can help attract people to your rack cards, the finish of this product is also important. Your local print shop will have a few options for you to consider, including gloss and matte. There are advantages to each finish on this printed product. A gloss finish will look brighter, especially in well-lit environments. Some people may identify your rack card on display simply because of its brightness. On the other hand, a matte finish can have a modern and sophisticated look that you may feel pairs well with your company's overall branding. Learn more about rack cards by contacting a local print shop.

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