Pop Up Displays That Effectively Advertise

13 June 2022
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A pop-up banner display is an advertisement that is fully retractable. Vinyl, plastic, or fabric materials can be stored inside of a base that a pop-up display is secured to. This type of advertising is transportable and takes very little time to set up in the viewing area that is selected.

A Product That Contains Print

A pop-up banner display will contain structural components and printed materials. An effective form of advertising may contain brilliant colors and print on each side of a banner. A double-sided advertisement will alert the public from both sides of a banner. People who are walking in each direction from where a banner is located will notice the print or graphics that have been added to the banner

By purchasing a full-color banner that contains double-sided print, a consumer may not need to invest in multiple advertising materials. One large pop-up banner will be visible from many feet away. This type of advertising may be superior to pamphlets, booklets, and other small forms of advertising that need to be handed out to target audience members.

A Display That Contains a Weighted Base and Lights

A pop-up banner display may be rolled around a spindle. The spindle and the banner itself will rest within the base or be located directly above the base piece that a banner displayed is attached to. A weighted base will be necessary for lightweight banner materials. If a display will be set up outdoors or on a slightly unlevel surface, a weighted base will prevent a banner from tipping over. Once a banner has been fully expanded, brackets or a frame may be used to hold the banner display in place.

If advertising will be used at night, a consumer may want to seek the purchase of a pop-up display that contains lights. Lights may be built into the material that a banner is constructed of. Some designers use strategically-placed lighting in order to draw attention to the words or graphics that are printed on each side of a banner.

Lighting can also be added to the framework or base that comprises a display piece. LED lights may be of various colors, enhancing the display's beauty. Separate lighting components can also be purchased. Separate lights will need to be plugged in. The placement of a pop-up display may be dependent upon the location of a power outlet.

For more info, reach out to a banner display vendor near you.