3 Tips To Help You Boost Your Direct Mail Engagement

2 February 2022
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New ways to interact with consumers are emerging every day, but many businesses choose to take advantage of the convenience and proven track record of mail printing with direct mail when it comes to marketing.

If you are planning to launch a direct mail campaign soon, you will want to be sure that your document is perfect before you send it to the printer for production.

Here are three tips that you can use to help make your direct mail more engaging and effective in the future.

1. Use Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing (VDP) is a high-tech printing resource that you can use to help personalize your direct mail pieces before they are sent to potential customers. You want to maximize the return you get on your direct mail investment.

One of the best ways to make your pieces more engaging is to speak directly to the individual receiving your pieces in the mail.

Personalization on a mass scale used to be too time consuming to be cost effective, but VDP makes it possible to change copy, design, and personalize each piece of direct mail you send at high speeds.

Using VDP is a great way to make recipients feel like they are valued by your company.

2. Incorporate White Space

It's critical that you incorporate white space into your direct mail design if you want recipients to feel more engaged with your company's message. White space is another name that designers use for the blank areas of a creation.

There are several types of white space, including passive white space that occurs naturally between letters and words, active white space that is used to emphasize design elements, and macro white space that is the area between layout elements.

Using multiple types of white space in your direct mail design will result in a more balanced and pleasing aesthetic that will engage potential customers.

3. Choose the Right Finish

The printing service that you partner with to create your direct mail pieces will probably ask you what type of finish you want for your pieces.

Finish is an important design element that can help you convey your overall message.

If you are trying to communicate a feeling of luxury, go with a glossy finish. If you want to highlight the rich colors in your design, choose a satin finish. A soft touch finish can be a great option when your marketing message has a sophisticated vibe.