4 Benefits Of Direct-To-Garment Printing

18 November 2021
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When it comes to creating clothing with graphics on them, you should seriously consider utilizing direct-to-garment printing. Direct-to-garment printing is an alternative printing method that will allow you to print things directly on garments. 

Benefit #1: On-Demand Printing 

One of the most significant benefits of direct-to-garment (DTG) printing is that it is an on-demand printing process. With DTG, no extensive set-up is required like with screen printing. With screen printing, extensive set-up is required, and only a few colors can be used at a time. Each color has to be applied to the shirt, allowed to dry, and then repeated. This is a lengthy process. 

With DTG printing on T-shirts, all that has to be done to print your image is to upload the image to the printer, and the printing button has to be pressed. Multi-color design can be printed with the touch of a button, allowing a fully printed shirt to be ready within minutes. With DTG, you get on-demand printing in a matter of minutes. 

Benefit #2: Small Volume 

It is easy to print an item; you can print things out in small volumes at high quality. So, if you have a design that you want to print for a small event or a small number of customers, you can do as at a small volume without losing any money. You can print out high-quality images in small quantities. The costs to set up a small batch of prints are affordable, unlike with screen printing. 

Benefit #3: Environmentally Friendly 

With everything that you do for your business, you should be considering how it will impact the environment. When it comes to printing shirts, screen printing requires inks that contain a range of chemicals such as PVC, phthalates, and other chemicals.  

On the other hand, with DTG printing, the printers are set up to use water-based paints that don't wash out of your shirt and are friendly to the environment. Fewer chemicals are used in the inks themselves. Additionally, fewer resources are used with this printing method, making it a more environmentally friendly method of printing.  

Benefit #4: Profit Generating 

Finally, with DTG printing, you can generate a profit. With DTG printing, the product costs are low, and combined with an affordable source of shirts, you can generally make a quick profit with each shirt you produce. You can make a more significant profit with DTG than screen printing. 

When it comes to printing shirts that you want to sell, DTG allows for on-demand printing of both small and large volumes, is environmentally friendly, and can allow you to generate a profit on any shipments that you run quickly.