4 Key Considerations When Buying A Photo Printer

4 October 2021
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Do you still enjoy seeing your beautiful digital photos in print? Working with an excellent photo printer will make your work more impressive. Many people print their photos on multifunctional printers because of the convenience of also using it for printing documents. But if you are a professional photographer, you could go for a specialist photo printer. What do you need to look at when buying a printer for high-quality photos?

Type of Printer

If you print photos after the occasional family picnic, you might consider buying a printer you can use to print other documents like web pages, letters, and school assignments. There is a wide variety of inkjet and laser home printers with advanced features, including wireless connectivity. Your copier printer dealer can help you get a decent multifunctional printer.

If you take photography more seriously or are a professional photographer, you could go for a specialist dye-sublimation printer. These printers give very high-quality photos on glossy print paper. However, they are also more expensive than many home inkjet or laser printers. 


A printer's resolution is how much ink it can deliver per square inch. It is measured by dots per inch (dpi) for printers since old printers used dots to print. There are many printers today labeled 'Photo printers,' which will give decent photos and are adequate for casual photography.


Would you like to print on the go? Then, you can go for an ultra-portable printer. These printers are small and light enough to fit in a backpack. For this convenience, you will pay more than you would for a home printer of the same resolution.

You have more printer choices if you are not necessarily looking for portability and convenience. But for a home office, a desktop printer would be more appropriate. Bigger sizes allow for higher resolution and more features.


Many of today's printers have a direct-from-camera printing function, which is very convenient. Older printers come with in-built slots for older digital storage media like MMC cards and SD cards. But all printers come with USB connectivity.

You might want to go for wireless connectivity to reduce cable tangles in your home office and have more flexibility on printer location.

Are you looking for a printer to complement your photography hobby? Talk to a printer dealer in your area about your printing needs and find the most suitable printer for your purposes.