Label Paper And Color: What You Need To Know When Designing Your Labels

8 October 2020
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If you have a product that you are ready to send to the market, you need a good, quality label to place on it that will catch the eye of customers. After all, you want it to sell, right? Well, in order for this to happen, you need to choose the right color and material for your label. If you are new to label design, then keep reading and learn about some options that are available to you.

Pastel Labels

Any time that white is added to a bright, pure color, you will receive a paler, lighter version of that color. Pastel colors are not nearly as intense as their brighter predecessors, but they are able to serve a different and unique purpose. For instance, pastel colors tend to evoke lightheartedness and give a soothing feeling. They are often associated with springtime and femininity.

Fluorescent Labels

Fluorescent, or neon, labels can be great to capture the attention of customers. These labels can help to exhibit a happy, loud, and upbeat personality with your product. Now, fluorescents should be used in moderation, but they can definitely be stylish and bring a unique and creative flair to your packaging.

Metallic Labels

Shiny things are always eye-catching, which is why metallic labels may be something that you want to consider for your products. Metallic labels tend to be associated with quality, making them perfect for premium products. Silver metallic labels are great if you want to associate your product with sophistication and glamour. Gold metallic labels are also associated with sophistication, but gold is more known for its connection with quality and luxury. When compared to silver, gold tends to also be more masculine, which is something to consider if you have a male-focused product.

Brown Kraft Labels

If you have a handmade, homemade, or natural product or are aiming for a rustic appeal, then brown paper labels are the way to go. This earth-tone color will ensure that your product packaging stands out while letting customers know that the product was made with TLC. They also tend to offer a seamless and comfortable appearance.

When you are ready to start designing labels for your products, speak to a commercial printing company in your local area about the different types of label materials and colors that can be used to ensure that your product stands out when placed on the shelves with other products.

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