Brand Recognition: Why You Should Consider Using Bottleneck Custom Labels

28 July 2020
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When it comes to developing a brand, you need to market your product just right. This involves creating custom labels that make your brand and product memorable to customers. Many people tend to overlook bottleneck labels, but they actually have more importance than companies realize. If you have competitors who are cashing in on what bottleneck labels have to offer, you need to become familiar with the advantages that these custom labels have to offer your brand. Keep reading to learn more about how adding bottleneck labels to your product can create a more visually appealing product. 

Bottleneck Labels Are Prime Real Estate (in the Label Department Anyway)

When you are looking for a place to set up shop, you want your business to be in an area where it will be seen and gain a lot of traction. Well, the same can be said about your logo on your product. Bottleneck labels can offer that and so much more. By placing your logo on a bottleneck logo, a consumer is far more likely to notice your brand—and remember it—than if your logo was on the primary label where it isn't as noticeable.

Bottleneck Labels Add Striking Details

Whether you are selling your product online or in the store, there are tons of other products that consumers are able to look at. Eventually, all of these products will blend together. Therefore, it is imperative that your product stands out. With a custom bottleneck label that has eye-catching details, there is a better chance that a consumer will take a second glance at your product.

Bottleneck Labels Offer More Brand/Product Information

While bottleneck labels can be used to add striking details to capture the attention of consumers, they can also be used to provide informative product or brand information, such as the year the company was established, the brand's motto, or nutritional claims. Similar to artwork, this information will help to attract a consumer's attention to the product, and it will ensure that this particular information doesn't get wrapped up and lost in all of the other information that is on the primary label.

Bottleneck Labels Offer Additional Space for Design

When it comes to attracting the attention of consumers, more space is always great, and that's exactly what you get with bottleneck labels. With the original product label, you only have so much room to design, and if you go overboard, the label begins to look overcrowded and messy, taking away from the overall design and the product itself. By adding the bottleneck label, you will have additional space to add some of those design elements that you didn't get to capture on the main label, giving you a chance to capture the attention of potential consumers.

For more information on custom bottleneck labels, contact a custom label printing company near you.