Why Postcards Are Still Relevant In Today's World

19 November 2019
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With internet technology advancing more and more each year, people are sending a lot more electronic mail than actual postal mail these days. However, there are still some situations that warrant sending a physical piece of mail. Postcards are still very useful in many situations. In fact, the same technological advances that make physical mail less popular today, actually make mailing out really great postcards easier now than ever. In the past, customized postcards were both rare and expensive. Today, services like these are both widely available and inexpensive. 


Invitational postcards are still being actively sent out through the physical mail. While there are plenty of email services that will allow you to send invitations electronically, people are a lot more likely to read and respond to a physical invitation. Most likely, you have probably received a wedding invitation through the mail in recent years. Invitations for other events are also often sent as postcards through the mail. It's simply too easy for folks to ignore email invites as they're sometimes associated with spam.

Business Postcards

Businesses today will make sure to utilize internet-based advertising, as it continues to be an extremely effective way to spread information related to your company. However, business postcards that are sent through the mail are still very useful marketing tools. A physical postcard that gets dropped off at your home is a lot harder to ignore than some picture ad on the side of your social-media page.

Custom Holiday Cards

One tradition that is still going strong despite the rising popularity of the internet is holiday postcards. The only difference between now and in the past, is these cards are now being customized rather than being generic and boring. You can now take special pictures with your family and have a company create a custom design for your holiday postcard. You can then send the postcards through the mail to all of your family and friends. 

Vacation Postcards

When most people think of postcards, they think of the thin pieces of cardboard you get from a gift shop while you're on vacation. Believe it or not, this is still a popular tradition. There is something special about sending a nice postcard from a unique place you're visiting with a personal note written inside of it. The difference is that nowadays, more and more vacation postcards are being custom made to have more of a personal feel to them.

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