Need A New Copier? 3 New Features To Consider

2 August 2019
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The right copier can simplify your life and streamline day-to-day business, which is why so many people carefully consider their options before moving forward. However, every copier is different, so it is important to be familiar with the latest options available to consumers. Here are three copier features you should consider. 

1.    Electronic Document Storage

When you have to produce the same types of documents over and over again, it can be frustrating to look through your computer files to locate the right documents and hit "print." Fortunately, by finding a copier with electronic document storage, you can quickly and easily locate and produce as many of those pages as you need to—without having to worry about printing and copying a written page. 

Electronic document storage allows users to scan and store images of their favorite documents, streamlining printing. Great examples of documents perfect for copier document storage include standardized forms, checklists, and job lists for employees. 

2.    Image Editing

When you have a busy business, you don't always have time to make those printed pages stand out. However, with a copier that uses image editing, you can add things like watermarks, dates, or numbered pages without a lot of extra effort. 

Image editing can quickly add customized text, numbers, or dates to any document that prints, helping your employees to keep their paperwork straight while protecting your intellectual property. By including dates and watermarks, it becomes easy to see which printed document came from which printer, helping you to control the flow of information. 

Image editing also helps to create a more professional feel to your documents, since printed paperwork can be customized with your logo or made with marks that show exactly when it was printed. 

3.    Authentication Measures

These days, you can't be too careful about security, especially when it could involve documents that contain confidential information. However, some modern copiers have authentication measures built into them, such as biometric fingerprint scanners or a system requiring codes from RFID badges. These measures help to keep people from accessing private electronic document storage or using the copier when they shouldn't be. Security measures can also keep people from accessing information from your copier through networks, protecting your business from data breaches.  

While it can be overwhelming to select a new copier, doing what you can to decide on a machine that works well for your business and lifestyle can be incredibly helpful in the long run. Before you start shopping, evaluate your budget and think about your needs to ensure that you don't stumble across any surprises along the way.  

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