Improving Your Business's Shipping Operation

10 July 2018
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Shipping is likely one of the most intensive aspects of running your business. When mistakes are made in the process of shipping your products or important documents, there may be substantial costs for your business and disruptions for your customers. Streamlining the shipping process for your business will require developing a comprehensive strategy.

Consider The Benefits Of Investing In Tracking For All Of Your Shipments

If your business lacks adequate data on its shipping chain, it will be difficult to forecast product arrival times or to ensure these items made it to their destination. By having a standard policy of opting for tracking for your shipments, you will have access to the data needed to further optimize your shipping process so that costs can be reduced without impacting the experience of your customers.

Use Preprinted Shipping Labels

Preparing the shipping labels can be one of the more time-intensive parts of the shipping process. Furthermore, this is one of the aspects of the shipping process that can be the most prone to mistakes from employees. By utilizing preprinted shipping labels, you can minimize the time that your workers will have to spend preparing these labels while also reducing a potential source of costly errors. Keep these labels away from sources of moisture as this can degrade the adhesive on the back of the label that will allow it to stay securely attached to the shipping box.

Ship Your Products In Branded Boxes

Having branded boxes for your shipments can help to raise the prestige of your business while also serving as a form of advertising. Ordering branded shipping boxes will cost marginally more than standard boxes. However, you can help to reduce these expenses by ordering these boxes in bulk as many providers of custom shipping supplies offer discounts for larger orders. Another option for keeping the costs low will be to opt for a minimalist design as this can avoid the costs that may be involved with using a wide variety of colors or large amounts of ink.

Monitor Your Use Of Shipping Supplies

The rate at which your company uses shipping supplies is unlikely to be at a steady rate. Rather, there will be times when these supplies are used far more rapidly than at others. This makes keeping accurate records essential for avoiding situations where your company runs out of shipping supplies. A simple spreadsheet can be extremely effective and easy to implement for businesses that want to avoid instituting an intrusive tracking system.