Making Sales On New Products

16 February 2018
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Are you unhappy with the slow rate in which your new products are being sold in stores? Have you tried different strategies for attracting consumers to the products? If not, there are several marketing techniques that you can consider trying in an effort to get more of your products sold. You must make the products easy for consumers to afford, as they are still new on the market and don't have popularity yet. In this article, you will discover a few marketing techniques that can be used for bringing attention to your products so more sales can be made.

Take Part in a Trade Show

Trade shows are very useful when it comes to introducing new products to consumers and business owners. Attending one might not only gain you new customers, but you might find more business owners that are willing to stock your products in their stores. However, you must be strategic about how your booth is set up at a trade show to ensure that a satisfactory amount of people will stop by. It is wise to use lighting and nice banners to bring attention to your booth. Offering people refreshments at the trade show is also a strategic way to gain their interest in your products.

Use Folded Instant Redeemable Coupons

You must keep in mind that your products are new and there might not be too many people that are willing to try them out. The best way to obtain more sales on a new product is to offer a discount that reduces the price. Consider investing in folded instant redeemable coupons (IRC) for the packaging on your products. The coupons can be customized to offer the discounts of your desire, and they are easy to place on packages. Consumers will be able to unfold the coupons and immediately use them at the cash register.

Offer Free Products to Consumers

Other than drawing attention to your products with discounts, you can also offer consumers free products. If you are confident that consumers will want to purchase your products after trying them for free, get a few of them manufactured in a smaller size for promotional purposes. You can also give customers the opportunity to order free products online if you have a website and depending on your product types. Don't forget to offer coupons with the free products to encourage consumers to make a purchase. Ensure that the coupons are only valid for a short period of time, as it might bring in faster sales.