Newlyweds? Unique Ways To Display That Beautiful Day In Your Home

8 January 2016
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If you are newly married, you want to keep reminders around your home about this wonderful day in your life. Below are some different ways you can display your wedding pictures, which you will not only enjoy, but people visiting your home will also.

Photo Frames

Instead of using the traditional photo frames, use some unique ones.  Some of these include:

Engraved Frames

You can purchase frames that are engraved with things like your names, wedding date, or a loving messages to your spouse. These frames are generally made of sterling silver, silver plated, or solid pewter. The surface is flat and smooth so they can be engraved. Make sure the frame is of high quality, as you will likely want to keep this for many years.

Scrapbook Frames

If you like to scrapbook and have a scrapbook filled with your wedding photos, you can put them in a frame instead of hiding them in a book. You can put other things in the scrapbook frame, such as mementos like your wedding invitations, wedding cake napkins, and even your wedding vows.

You can decorate the scrapbook pages anyway you wish. For example, you could create a theme of things, such as you and your spouse eating your wedding cake, your bridal shower, or your first dance. Create more than one page so you can rotate them out in the frame.

Collage Frames

It is hard to pick just one picture to put in a frame. Use a collage frame so you don't have to, as you can put a variety of pictures in it. For something more personalized, choose a collage frame that has a mat, and let your friends and family sign it. The collage can show more than just your pictures, as it can also be decorated with things like verses from your wedding song, a poem, or quotes.

Wedding Vignette

Set up a wedding vignette on a table in your home in a place people will see it when they visit you. Put a wedding photo in a frame on the table, and set a candle on the side of it. Use a candle from your wedding if you used them. Purchase a pretty small box and put your favorite wedding things in it, such as small pictures, your vows written on a piece of paper, a wedding napkin, and more.

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