4 Ways To Give Your Advertising Postcards Better Presence To Customers

8 December 2015
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When you choose postcard advertising, you know that you are putting your product or service right in the faces of your customers whenever they go to their mailbox. This kind of advertising is cost-effective and can be very beneficial to your business. If you want your postcards to get read instead of thrown in the trash, follow these 4 tips to give your postcards better presence to your customers.

Avoid the 'dear neighbor' and 'to current resident' approach

People don't like to be cold-called, and they don't like to be mailed impersonal items, either. Take the time to get to know your customer base by name. You can hire a company to locate potential customers for you or you can draw up a database of the people in your community so you can address them directly.

Have something to offer

Another thing that bothers people about advertisements is when businesses mail them postcards, flyers, and adverts that bring no real value. In other words, what are you giving the customer that makes them want to choose your business when they go out of their way to read your postcard? You should offer a special new customer discount, coupons for certain days of the week, or an invite to an open house to draw customer attention.

Be simple

Most people spend less than 15 seconds browsing an advertisement online, so you can only guess how much time they are giving to what they may consider 'junk' mail. Keep your message short and simple, not a long paragraph about your company's story. Include your business name, number and address, what you have to offer, and bullet point benefits the customer can catch at a glance, including:

  • any new inventory
  • promotions or sales
  • discounts for bringing your postcard into your business when they make a purchase

You have a tiny amount of time to grab your customers' attention, so use those catchy phrases that people will be motivated by, such as 'bogo', 'clearance', and 'new and improved'.

Use bright colors and font

Certain colors evoke a sense of urgency and happiness in customers, so try incorporating them into your postcard advertising design. Use yellow, red, orange, and purple, all colors that are exciting and convey a friendly message. Use bold font that is easy to read, and avoid underlining or shadowing words so people can clearly see your message at a glance.

If you want your postcard advertising efforts to be successful, you need to make sure you are doing everything right. Reach out to your clients on a personal level, make your message short and clear, and make sure you have something to offer your customers so you can grab the customer awareness you need.

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