The Best Labels For Your Homemade Lotion Business

10 March 2015
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When you make your own lotions from scratch, you want your labels to shine on your products. The best labels are ones that are crisp, clear, and send a message that your products are professional and healthy for the body. Here are great ideas for creating custom labels for your homemade lotions.

Be Water-Resistant

Since your lotions will most likely be used in a bathroom, you want to make sure that your custom labels are water-resistant. Otherwise, your labels can bubble, peel, and bleed, which can tell your customers that your product is sub-par. Opt for water-resistant labels that have a sheen on them so your homemade lotions stand out among the other products on the shelf.

Go Round or Oval

You want your labels to fit the style of the bottles that you use to store your lotions in. Most lotion bottles are round or tubular in shape, so round or oval labels fit best. Choose a custom label size that leaves space above and below the label, so customers can see the lotion within the bottle (if your lotion bottles are clear). Labels that don't overpower the size of your bottles also help make your bottles appear larger.

Choose Earthy Colors

For your homemade lotions, choose colors that inspire an earthy feel. Light blues, brown, tan, green, and mint hues are perfect for bordering and lettering for your custom labels. Make sure your main font is in a dark brown or deep blue hue (not black), so it is easy to read. If you wish to add other prints, such as leaves, polka dots, or stripes, make sure they blend well with the rest of your custom label so the font is easy to read. A printing company can help you choose the best designs that will work best with your message.

Pick the Right Font

Font with shadowing, underlines, or flowing lines can be difficult for many people to easily read, so try to steer clear of showy font styles. Arial and Fontin are great fonts that are easy to read yet still attractive as a label design. Your printing service may have other fonts you can choose from that work great for packaging as well.

When you have a business making your own lotions, the label is what you use to help your brand and product stand out. Choose custom labels (from companies like United Label Canada Ltd) that can stand up against moisture, create a clear image, and don't overpower your bottles and you can make your product appear fresh and professional to your consumers.